It’s the Best Time to Sell in a Decade

    According to there hasn’t been a better time to sell your home in a decade. Home prices in the Charlotte market have risen an average of 22.5% over original purchase price. And inventory is historically low with demand extremely high. Here at The Ramsey Group, we have 4 buyers for every seller. With rising interest rates on the horizon, there may never be a better time to buy or sell. 

    Prices are rising and homeowners are staying put longer, and that means more homeowners can cash in when they go to sell. Home seller profits surged to a 10-year high in the fourth quarter of 2017. Sellers saw an average home price gain since purchase of $54,000, up from $47,133 a year ago.

    That $54,000 average seller profit represents an average 29.7 percent return on investment compared to the original purchase price. That is the highest average home seller return on investment since the third quarter of 2007, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ Q4 2017 Home Sales Report, released this week.

    “It’s the most profitable time to sell a home in more than 10 years, yet homeowners are staying put longer than we’ve ever seen,” says Daren Blomquist, senior vice president at ATTOM Data Solutions. “While home sellers on the West Coast are realizing the biggest profits, rapid home price appreciation in red state markets is rivaling that of the high-flying coastal markets and producing sizable profits for home sellers in those middle-American markets as well.”

    Among the 155 metro areas that ATTOM Data Solutions’ tracked, the locales with the highest average home seller ROI were: San Jose, Calif. (90.9%); San Francisco (73.3%); Merced, Calif. (64.6%); Seattle (64.4%); and Santa Cruz, Calif. (59.8%).

    Meanwhile, homeownership tenure set a new record high in the fourth quarter of 2017. Homeowners who sold in the quarter had owned their homes on average 8.18 years, up from 7.78 years in the fourth quarter of 2016. It is the longest average home seller tenure since ATTOM Data Solutions has tracked it starting in the first quarter of 2000.

    Source: ATTOM Data Solutions  

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